Glulam Beams

In addition to the designed, engineered and manufactured timber elements, Crendon can supply in a convenient pack all the ancillary items needed to complete the installation of your roof or floor.
  • Inherent load bearing strength.

  • Ability to design large wooden spans to create open spaces.

  • An eco-friendly alternative to concrete and steel.

  • Durable, light and easy to handle.

  • Requires no boxing in or cladding.

  • Glulam can be pre-cambered to counteract the effects of deflection in long spans.

  • Competitive price makes it a clear choice for all types of construction.

For all projects Crendon provide:

  • Products packaged to suit customers on site program.
  • Clear drawings pack with each delivery.
  • Labelled to site requirements to assist in site erection.
  • A commitment to ensure safety on site.

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