Feature Roof Trusses

Turn the necessity of a pitched roof structure into the luxury of a tall space.

Forward-thinking designers are turning to feature trusses to create open, light, loft style rooms. Crendon have many years experience designing and manufacturing feature trusses in a wide range of styles, from the simplicity of industrial plated, to the boldness of glulam softwood and stainless steel.

We can combine our engineering expertise with traditional carpentry skills to produce custom made, heavy section, feature trusses. Hand made in Softwood, Oak, Douglas Fir or Glulam, we create styles and detailing that will suit your specific environment. 

  • Design consultation and appraisal
  • Bespoke design to your requirements
  • Full structural calculations
  • Detailed drawings

For all projects Crendon provide:

  • Products packaged to suit customers on site program.
  • Clear drawings pack with each delivery.
  • Labelled to site requirements to assist in site erection.
  • A commitment to ensure safety on site.

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