Our Timber

From sustainable source to engineered structural solutions.

Timber Sourcing

At Crendon, we only use TR26 grade timber, which is specially designed for demanding load-bearing situations. One of the only viable sources for this grade of timber are the forests of Northern Scandinavia.

Once harvested, the timber is kiln-dried and then graded by machine, testing the deflection of the timber under applied pressure.

The TR26 stamp assures customers of consistent performance, while the timber is also regularised – given a planed finish to create a regular section size.


One of the most environmentally friendly building products available,TR26 comes from PEFC sources (Programme for the endorsement of Forest Certification). FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified timber is available in restricted supplies.


Aside from being grown specifically for structural applications, the slow growth rate in the Scandinavian forests gives the timber extra strength, in fact TR26 is the strongest structural grade timber available in the UK.


Working with Crendon means you are offered complete reassurance and peace of mind. Not just in our dedication to designing and manufacturing products of the highest quality but by the assurances of the TRA (Trussed Rafter Association) and ISO 9001 quality manufacturing standards

Supply Chain

This quality timber is also prized for various other uses – some of which offer the producers better utilisation of the logs. This allows them to sell into other global markets.

The result is a worldwide commodity timber market with variable prices, based on demand from various parts of the world at any particular time.

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of structural timber products, we’re members of the TRA (Trussed Rafter Association), the voice of our industry in the UK and Ireland. The TRA sets the industry benchmark by ensuring every member manufactures its products to the highest standards, monitored through independent quality assurance schemes.


Crendon engineered timber products are manufactured at 7 regional locations, strategically located to service the core areas of the UK construction market.

Utilising the very latest plant and machinery and working to the strict standards of ISO 901, Crendon transforms TR26 timber into precision-engineered roof and floor products,


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