Corporate Profile

Crendon Timber Engineering Ltd has its head office in Long Crendon, near Aylesbury. Part of a much larger family-owned group which trades in the wider construction sector, this enables Crendon to take advantage of excellent purchasing power and offer a wide range of construction materials.

Our 50 Year History

Crendon Timber Engineering was formed in 1967 and pioneered trussed rafter production in the UK using technology developed and proven in North America.

Since then the use of trussed rafters has grown tremendously, now accounting for over 95% of roofs for the housing market – the result of design software developed to produce highly economic structural solutions.

In the early 1990s Crendon became the first distributor in England for the Trus Joist Silent Floor I Joist system, and 10 years later became an approved UK manufacturer/installer of the advanced Canadian SuperE® timber frame housing system.

Over the years our product range has steadily expanded to include panels, spandrels, open web joists and Finn Forest engineered wood products, all offered on a design, supply and fix basis.

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