Industry Leading Safelift Panels

Crendon’s key responsibility is health and safety and as such, we are pleased to offer industry-leading spandrel and gable panels, designed and fabricated to offer maximum health and safety advantages to sites. These panels come with an abundance of benefits ensuring unrivalled peace of mind not only once installed, but crucially during the offload and lifting phase. Our customers can be assured CTE is aligned with the guidelines set out by the NHBC and TRA in regards to panel safety.

Designed in conjunction with external structural engineers, “Safelift” panels offer up to six weeks moisture resistances so no need to wrap the panels (which typically has to be removed once installed, meaning less waste and skips on-site). The main advantage of the Safelift panel is its robust timber frame which has been engineered and tested to ensure you can successfully lift these panels in winds up to 20mph without fear of them collapsing.

It is no wonder that they have already been adopted by several major UK national house builders.

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Industry Leading Safelift Panels
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